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“If we only loved what was perfect, we’d love nothing at all.”


She know what happens when you die.

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The newest inhabitants of TraceWorld will get inside your head.

Sidewalk Dancing

A careful exploration of a diverse family’s dynamics told with the subtle wrist bends and brush strokes of a perpetual outsider.

Online Publications

Brews and Shoes.” Atticus Review. April 2016.

When I think of ultramarathons, I inevitably picture a dirt trail through thick woods going up the side of a mountain—the Sierras, perhaps, or the Appalachians. Thing is, I live in rural Illinois. 

RedwoodNecessary Fiction. Writer-in-Residence, April 2013

The longevity gene has been discovered. Jane has it — but a killer wants to make sure she doesn’t get to benefit from it.

Make Your Luck.” Submittable July 2012

When it comes to getting published, what’s luck got to do with it?

At Home.” Two Hawks Quarterly Summer 2009

He wanted to feel at home in Ireland because that’s where his ancestors were from. I knew better, but what could I say? Home can be just about anywhere.

Beginning in the middle.” Atticus Review. February 2016.

After my first ghastly 5K (and too many pancakes afterward), I vowed: I would get fit, and I would earn those pancakes. And then I would have seconds.

Speech Therapy.” The Rumpus. June 2013

After the stroke, the doctors thought my mother would not be able to talk. They were wrong; she could talk, but she still wouldn’t tell me anything.

QhD” Prompt 1:1 April 2012

There are no college degrees higher than a PhD. Don’t tell my mother that, though.

That’s Nothing.” Melusine 1:2 Summer 2009

I couldn’t sleep last night. The baby wanted to have a very serious conversation with me.

On Acronyms and Attraction.” Verdad 4:1 (2008)

Is there a “type” of guy that likes Asian women — and was my own father one of those guys?

“Heartless Whispers.” Atticus Review. December 2015.

People who run ultramarathons like to sneer that 26.2 miles is a mere training run, hardly worth the bother. Yeah, that’s crap.  

So many ways to be hurt.” The Newer York November 2012

Shin splints and broken hearts and on and on and on.

Tales of Woe and Toenails.” HTMLGIANT June 2011

If Romeo and Juliet had been long-distance runners … they’d probably still have died tragic deaths.

The Mother Load.” Cadillac Cicatrix Issue 4 Spring 2009 

She loved being pregnant so much she decided, why bother giving birth? Why not just stay pregnant?

Sentence.” Fairfield Review Winter 2003

Her punishment is to write one sentence over and over … but the sentence never ends.

.“The Fortunate 50.” Atticus Review. October 2015.

Are you really badass if you run 50 miles, or are you just incredibly lucky? (That’s right, I said “lucky,” not “stupid.”) 

Asterisk.” Shaking Magazine July 2012

That winter I felt like there was an asterisk marking my life, and not just because I spent a lot of time staring up at the ceiling fan.

Incognito.” Pank November 2010

It’s easier than you think, this business of going incognito. Scary easy, actually; makes you wonder if the life you had was even the one you were supposed to be living.

The Campaign Cookbook.” Trillium Literary Journal 2:4 (2009)

There was that one year my father wanted to run for City Council. I don’t know what my mother wanted — to run away, perhaps. She didn’t. She made the Campaign Cookbook instead.